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3 In 1 Bamboo Wrap Dispenser Storage Dispenser

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3 In 1 Bamboo Wrap Dispenser Storage Dispenser

New 3 In 1 Bamboo Wrap Dispenser Storage Dispenser For Aluminum Foil Dispenser With Cutter Cling Film Holder Kitchen Accessories.

  • Suitable for cutting most household kitchen wraps including Reynolds Wraps, Glad Plastics Wrap, Saran Wrap, Cut-Rite, Plastics Wrap, Foil and Waxed Paper. Rolls wider than 12 inches are not compatible. If you have difficulty removing the packaging, consider rotating the roll and installing in a different orientation.

Material: Bamboo 
1 Layer Weight: 550d Size: Length 33.6*Width 7*Height 7cm/13.2*2.7*2.7in
2 Layer Weight: 900g Size: Length 33.6 * Width 13.5 * Height 7cm/13.2 * 5.3 * 2.7in
3 Layer Weight: 1600g Size: L33.6*W22.5*H7cm/13.2*8.8*2.7inch



1. Keep Kitchen Neat: Able to keep your kitchen and drawer neat and tidy, the Food Wrap Dispenser is designed for storing your food storage bag, easy and convenient.
2. Concern for Your Safety: Provide perfect dispensing and cutting, and protect your fingers from hurting. The Cling Film Dispenser is equipped with a two-way concealed slide cutter.
3. Easy to Clean: The Kitchen Cling Film Holder is easy to keep your food wrap tin foil clean. If the surfaces of the holder get dirty, you can wipe it with a wet packing sheet, no need to worry about the dirt.
4. High-grade Material: Made from high-quality renewable materials, the Wrap Dispenser & Cutter for Cling Film has painted surfaces, three-groove and three-cutter options, can stick cling film, wax paper and tin foil at the same time, which is more convenient to use.
5. Wide Application: The Cling Film Food Wrap Dispenser is also designed for various food storage bags, used in drawers to keep food bags of various sizes and other supplies organized.

The Convenient Style is Ideal for home, kitchen, bathroom and office drawer storage.

Can be stable on any counter. You can also put it in the kitchen drawer. The sliding cutter provides perfect and smooth cutting, and the safe design hides the cutters, which will not hurt your fingers when used.

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