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5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen


Do you also struggle with organizing your kitchen again and again on a daily basis? Well, a lot of people spend half of their day in their kitchen managing cutlery mixed in drawers, damaging foil and everything covering shelf space.


Best Kitchen Organizers Ideas

Organizing your kitchen reduces a lot of work and it will not only provide you with energy, but also clear your mind for other tasks. Keep your kitchen clean and efficient with our tips to organize it effectively.


1. Start with the cleaning phase:

Start out by first cleaning out your cabinet and drawers, find the utensils that you use often and set it aside, place any unused or rarely used utensils in a storage cabinet or a spare plastic bag. It is crucial that you go through your cabinets for any expired or out of date products.



2. Create a list of the items you need to store in your kitchen:

Once you have differentiated the utensils that you require, create a list consisting of the things that you need most in your kitchen. Plan out where each kitchen utensil will be placed, try and make the best of the space you have so that you can utilise it when you need it.



3. Consider what type of storage will work best for the items on your list.

Compare the list to the storage units within your kitchen, consider if you need any more containers, utensil organisers or holders. Make sure to carefully select your products in accordance of the available space in your kitchen. Aim to use products made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as bamboo.



4. Use labels, bags & containers for fridge storage:

When sorting out your fridge, make sure to label your food. Store any remaining leftovers in air-tight containers or in plastic bags. Ensure that your fridge has racks on the door for easier storage and access (this is entirely optional). Do not keep any meats together with fruits or vegetables as it may create food contamination. Make sure to regularly check your fridge in order to ensure that any spoiled foods be removed quickly to limit the spread of harmful bacteria.

5. A good cleaning of your cabinets & drawers:

The most efficient way to clean empty cabinets is by using a little bit of dish cleaner and a tub of warm water along with a napkin or a towel. Dish cleaners help eliminate any slick or tacky buildup that might be hiding of the racks, by doing so it leaves a clean and satisfied feeling. Make sure to clean every corner and edge thoroughly. Try and clean your cabinets at least once a month.



Perfect Organization with  Storaizer



“An Organized Kitchen is a sign of Relief, with perfectly functional drawers and other storage, Your kitchen transformed into a space that is not only Organized but Pleasing to eyes”

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